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Personal advice for better sleep

On average, in our lifetime, we spend about 25 years in bed. Quality sleep and rest, are vital to our wellbeing and performance during the day. VanBerlo helped Auping to create the Better Days app. An app that analyses your (sleep) data, and provides sleep coaching and personalised recommendations for a suitable mattress.

Building the customer experience

Auping’s profound knowledge about sleep and their drive for innovation were the starting points of this project. Our multidisciplinary team has supported Auping on a strategic and execution level, by helping to create a digital toolset for personalised and better sleep. By improving the customer journey and offering genuine support to consumers looking to improve their sleep or wanting to buy a new mattress, Auping has again raised the bar and highlighted the company's expertise.

"Our combined innovation effort and collaboration has resulted in a perfect tool-set empowering consumers to personally gain insight in their sleep-profile and habits, and together with Auping set the conditions to optimize their sleep. We are committed to delivering an energetic day to all, through good and healthy sleep. Partners as VanBerlo passionately support us in this ambition."

Aart Roos


"Taking over 125 years of Auping knowledge and turning that into an engaging experience has been an exciting journey. Input from all departments, combined with tremendous drive to aim higher provided us with the perfect breeding ground for innovation, and truly made the difference"

Sjoerd Hoyinck

Design & Development Director

A world of possibilities opens up when looking at smart measuring devices. How does the objective measuring of sleep data support consumers in finding a suitable mattress?
The first step was to design a proof of concept that demonstrates the feasibility of the sleep analyzing tool. The newly developed algorithm was tested with several participants.
Multiple sets of functionalities were created to respond to the application’s goal: Offering sleep coaching and providing personalised recommendations for a suitable mattress.
The wireframe interaction design was translated into a visual design, emphasising Auping's brand image and the company's outspoken attention to sophisticated design.
To realise a coherent implementation for the widest possible audience, the design was vigorously tested on multiple platforms, devices and screen sizes.
Both within the Auping and VanBerlo organisations, the project was executed by a multidisciplinary team. Marketing, innovation, R&D and digital took place within Auping, and VanBerlo contributed interaction design, strategy, visual design, development and project management.

A redesigned journey

Most consumers experience serious difficulty when selecting a new mattress. This project was aimed at improving the customer journey, from before the orientation phase to well beyond the purchase of a new mattress. Various physical and digital touchpoints were created and integrated into the customer journey. The Auping Better Days app provides insight into your personal sleep pattern and helps you build a personal sleep profile. The profile includes graphs from sleep monitoring and personalised advice about suitable mattress specifications.

The app in a snap

This video was created to give you a quick understanding of the Better Days app functionalities. Click and find out!

Sleep coach to improve your sleep

The app offers two sides that separate the personal profile for mattress recommendations from sleep coaching that may be beneficial to users. Whether you’re in the market for a new mattress or not. Sleep coaching serves as a tool that can help you improve your sleep. Based on a smart algorithm, the sleep coach measures how you sleep and translates that into a graph. Auping’s vast knowledge about sleep links helpful tips and challenges to the data, and includes a smart alarm clock that wakes you in sync with your natural rhythm.

Buying a mattress made easy

The Better Days app was introduced in conjunction with an updated mattresses portfolio, the new line-up representing the idea of separation between personal preference and ergonomical requirements. This app is only one of the touchpoints in the customer journey. VanBerlo created the Auping Dealer tool, to support dealers in their sales process. Your personal sleep profile (created in the consumer app) can be imported to the Dealer tool, and used as a starting point for an efficient and personal shopping experience. One key feature is the photo tool, which lets you review the different mattresses you tried out. Mattress shopping made easy, thanks to Auping and VanBerlo.

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