Light.Touch.Matters - Lifesaver intuitive CPR coach

Guiding you through the steps of CPR

LifeSaver is a new concept that focuses on smart and intuitive CPR guidance. It gives the rescuer a confidence boost when performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, CPR, and improves the quality of chest compressions as well.

Flexible ideas come to light

VanBerlo participated in a European project where a smart material was developed that combines touch sensitivity and light output into one thin, highly flexible layer.

"With VanBerlo, we worked on this exciting new flexible product. For us (Holst and TU Delft) it was an fulfilling experience to work together with designers who are really creating the products of tomorrow. I gained a lot of inspiration from this work, and learned a new creative language"

Prof. dr. Pim Groen

"Together with Holst and TU Delft, we took a new material of homogeneous light combined with high flexibility and shaped it into an easy-to-operate concept design. With this material we developed a revolutionary interaction concept that improves the process of saving a person's life"

Eric Biermann

Design & Development Director, VanBerlo

How would the interface tell the rescuer intuitively when to do what? And in what order? What was the most important thing, and the least? Where would the instructions show up on the product? Where would we display the various user interface elements, and how should they look?
Just how flexible should the material be, and how transparent, thin? What’s the best way to apply the graphics? And what happens with the flexibility when multiple layers are stacked or combined?
Where should we place the sensors on a product like this? During testing, would we be able to measure a signal? Would the feedback be clear, is it possible to measure depth reliably with piezo touch sensors and how can these sensors be integrated in the printed electronics layer? Now it’s starting to look like an honest-to-goodness product.
After looking at several models and prototypes for the best user interaction, material choices, best ergonomics, product build up and numerous discussions with AED specialists, we achieved the most optimal design for the LifeSaver!
LifeSaver's super thin, flexible and one layer material includes touch sensors and OLEDs.

A concept that really speaks to you

Our LifeSaver concept takes the panic out of CPR, and guides the user through the steps in a smart and intuitive way. From placing the electrodes quickly and correctly, to indicating the right location and rhythm for chest compressions. LifeSaver measures compression depth and uses visual displays and optionally audio to give qualitative feedback.

Smart and intuitive guidance of CPR

When someone suffers cardiac arrest, a bystander’s quick and proper intervention has the power to save a life. At VanBerlo we’re proud of this new concept, and we believe in it! The growing number of AEDs in public spaces has increased the heart attack survival rate. Still, this rate can be even higher when more people feel confident enough to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and when chest compression quality can be improved. That’s where LifeSaver comes in!

Help us launch LifeSaver!

To make this increase in saved lives a reality, VanBerlo is actively looking for a party willing to help us launch our LifeSaver concept into the market. So that those who can help will have the confidence to do so, and those in need can carry on with their lives.

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