SITA - Drop&Fly

Designing an intuitive passenger experience

You arrive at the airport, ready to fly. You have checked-in online the night before. But there it is: the long queue for baggage drop off. Drop&Fly® makes self-service baggage check-in fast and easy for every passenger.

Transforming air travel, together

Drop&Fly® is the outcome of detailed airport and consumer research. Working with SITA, a world leading specialist in air transport communications and IT, allowed us to enhance our understanding of the passenger process and helped inspire us into creating an innovative Self Bag Drop system to be proud of. The compact, inviting and secure design results in an intuitive and seamless passenger experience. By lowering operational cost, being fully modular and being designed as a line up it seamlessly fits every airport in the world.

"VanBerlo’s designers were set a challenge in developing this innovation. Seeing the finished product go perform at Incheon International airport (Best Airport Worldwide for over a decade according to Airports Council International), shows that they met the challenge with great success and delivered a truly exceptional product"

Reinout vander Meûlen

Senior Portfolio Manager BagDrop, SITA

"Following on from our award winning Scan&Fly retrofit solution, we felt compelled to have the Drop&Fly set new standards for functionality, user experience and design quality. This is because some airports only accept the best. Being given an award twice for the Drop&Fly proves we met this challenge again, a great reward for our cooperation!"

Derk-Jan Zeelenberg

Design & Development Director, VanBerlo

Focus on the user

To help a user to feel confident and secure that their suitcases will be processed with due care, high quality materials such as a glass panel door are utilised. This makes the experience around the Drop&Fly® transparent, literally; the end user can see what happens with their suitcases. The total picture of an intuitive, visible and transparent product that focuses on the end user.

Seamless user experience

The user experience was also taken into careful consideration in SITA's Drop&Fly® user interface. “Take a parking meter for example,” explains Bas Bruining, senior designer at design agency VanBerlo. “A machine like that can be confusing. There are too many buttons present, or the function of the buttons is just unclear. With the Drop&Fly® we have prevented any confusion, by introducing the various components in a logical order. This solution enables each user to work with the product in a comfortable and intuitive way.”

Design detailing

Up close the user is reassured by the fine design detailing. Ambient lighting communicates usage and availability. The white and black materials are very scratch resistant, solid surface materials that tend to age better over time than coated materials which show underlying materials when they get scratched. The base board has a 3D structure pressed into the stainless sheet metal to enforce it and prevent it from denting in collision with a trolley or suitcase.

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