Bosch - EasyControl

Smart at-home comfort at your fingertips

The Bosch EasyControl is a connected home comfort system that is easy in every way. Temperature and heating programs can be adjusted individually for every room via the thermostat and the app, giving you comfort when and where you need it. As UX partner for Bosch, VanBerlo shaped the user experience and designed the user interface of the thermostat and its accompanying smart phone app.

Building on a success story

As the designers of the original Nefit Easy, the stakes were high when Bosch asked us for design support for the successor of this design icon. For this second generation, we maintained a strong UX focus: we dove into peoples' needs and built a connected ecosystem, without getting lost in the details. We are confident we designed a home comfort system that is truly easy.

"Bosch strongly believes in an iterative UX process where all steps are validated with users. VanBerlo natively has this approach embedded in their design process. This makes them a strong partner"

Ron de Haas

Project Manager

"Bosch delivers robust qualitative solutions that feel familiar. Jointly, we challenged their brief and guidelines, resulting in genuinely meaningful innovation. The overall User Experience is truly user-centered and stays true to the rich Bosch legacy. This fascinating duality makes Bosch a wonderful client to work with"

Ivo Lamers

Sr. Strategist Innovation

Making something easy demands focus. Every page on the thermostat is a single purpose screen.
UX design in practice. Validating physical and digital concept designs with prototypes and user interface demonstrators early in the process, with real users.
Designing an intuitive signature design interaction for the smartphone app.
Using tools like Framer gives us the speed and flexibility to demo and test the app's flow and interaction with the thermostat.

Eco system

Where a thermostat used to be a standalone product, it has become part of an ever-growing ecosystem. Despite being more complex, we made it easier for users to find the right balance between comfort and saving energy. All advanced settings landed on the smartphone, taking advantage of the broader or richer user interface. Consequently, we could focus on the basic functionality of single-purpose screens on the thermostat itself. Presence detection and geofencing let you save up to 20% on energy costs, effortlessly.

Intuitive and simple to use

As Charles and Ray Eames wrote: "The details are not the details; they make the product." Through small, iterative designing, prototyping and validation of the interaction concepts, VanBerlo designed an app that feels natural and simple to use. Visually, we found the right balance between consumer-oriented style and the reliable and professional Bosch branding. The app lets you control the temperature in each individual room with a single tap. Letting people customise the picture of every room makes it even easier and more intuitive, helps them to feel literally more at home.

Signature element

The heart of the interface is a compelling interaction for setting the right temperature for your room. The signature element on the thermostat is mirrored on the app.

Easy controls

The interface of the app is so easy and intuitive even cats can use it.

The unveiling

The Bosch EasyControl was introduced successfully to the German market in 2017 and was presented to the Dutch market at the 2018 VSK fair. Other country launches are planned for later this year.

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