EVBox - Elvi

Smart charging solution for EV's worldwide

Within the growing market of Electric Vehicles, there is a demand for a smart and future-proof solution for at-home charging. Together with EVBox, VanBerlo developed a vision on charging stations and designed a future-proof product that fits all current and prospective EV’s in all countries, that is as easy to use as possible.

Creating a future-proof charging solution

EVBox, the market leader in EV charging, has a rich knowledge and experience in electric vehicle charging around the world. We as VanBerlo could add our experience in product strategy, design and engineering in order to create a charger that is future proof in terms of use, functionality and appearance.

"Elvi is truly the only charger electric vehicle drivers will ever need. No matter what electric vehicle is launched by manufacturers over the next 10 years, Elvi will be fully compatible, it can upgrade its power output without having to replace the whole station and brings a fresh design to attract the new generation of electric vehicle drivers that are coming"

Kristof Vereenooghe


"It was a great opportunity to develop a product in this rapidly evolving market for the leader in EV charging solutions"

Eric Biermann

Design & Development Director, VanBerlo

Based on the design guidelines, a concept portfolio is generated. This serves as the basis for future product development.
Brainstorming about the product build up and use scenarios.
Designing the product (sketches, use cases) and adding detail to the design to reach a high quality look & feel.
Solving the puzzle of placing all different components in such a way that the overall size of the product can be small; each component is positioned optimally in terms of usability, functionality, production, costs and assembly.
A beautiful user experience starts with unpacking the box. The unpack experience leads the user step by step through the process of insallation and use. The whole user experience expresses the quality and sophistication of the EVBox brand.

Appealing design

Elvi can be used at home, in the garage or on the driveway. Next to the domestic world, it also belongs to the automotive world. The challenge was to create a product that fits logically in both worlds but also stands out as an ‘EVBox’ product.

Smart & easy to use

In different ways, Elvi is well designed and easy to use. In terms of production, the product build up is clever and considerably reduces assembly time. The packaging of the Elvi has also been designed to be user-friendly, guiding the purchaser through a natural step by step unpackaging process to create more clarity on how the device is installed. A separate helpful user manual is also included and is designed to be easily stored in an easy to find spot at home.

Easy installation

In terms of installation, the product is clever because it is split into 3 main parts, simplifying maintenance and logistics. A wall-mounted housing (this includes a kWH meter that can be read easily by the user), a separate front part which can be removed and returned in case of problems with the charger (a new front part can also be connected to the wall mount by the user to save time and money for both them and EVBox). And, a separate car cable and connector. This allows the user to change the cable easily if needed.

Clever design with the end user in mind

Users can start with the lowest power available, and then upgrade their power online whenever they see fit. Remote upgrades are also possible, providing a seamless connection with every home management device. The Elvi is also compatible with all electric vehicles, communicating with the grid, your car and your home simultaneously whilst balancing power consumption flexibly. This ensures that your vehicle’s consumption never exceeds the maximum capacity of your home.

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