House of Haptics - Hey Bracelets

Wearable design with a special touch

Holding your loved ones is one of the most intimate ways of expressing affection. With increasing globalisation, distance can sometimes make this impossible. This led House of Haptics and VanBerlo to co-design the Hey bracelet, a wearable device that Connects lovers the world over.

Designed for relationships, across the world

The Hey bracelet is a first of its kind, a small and fashionably designed wearable that can send a gentle squeeze around the globe over the internet. We at VanBerlo combined our knowledge of digital technologies and interaction, with our experience in engineering for wearable devices, to create a killer kick-starter design.

Touch over distance

Born05 have created a compelling video for the Kickstarter campaign.

So close you can feel it

The Hey bracelet provides the real sensation of someone holding you, saying ‘I love you and I am thinking about you’. After exploring various haptic technologies - ranging from vibrations, pulses, electrical stimulation to pressure - we went for an actual mechanical squeezing bracelet. This provides the most authentic and realistic feeling of affection through touch.

Prototyping is key!

When trying to get an interactive product right, going through several cycles of prototyping, testing and improving is key. By getting hands on with building and prototyping, grasping the concept becomes tangible very quickly. This way users can be involved in the process as soon as possible, helping to shape the decisions that result in a user friendly product or system with their best interests at heart.

Creating a kick-starter success!

After the Kickstarter campaign was launched, the Hey bracelet reached its funding goal in no time!

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