Nexperia - Brand identity

A powerful brand from day one!

In just half a year, VanBerlo has built a powerful and recognizable brand identity for a newly founded company. Not just any company, but one that employs 11,000 employees worldwide. Not to mention that it produces over 85 billion products annually, right from the start: Nexperia.

Teaming up to create an outstanding brand

When NXP sold their ‘standard products’ business unit to a consortium of investors, the need for a new and strong brand became a key objective. Especially when you want to stay the world-class leader in Discretes, Logic and PowerMos in a very competitive environment; where products are commodities and pricing is key. The company already defined their new name: Nexperia. The rest was yet to come…

"VanBerlo really understood what our brand stands for. They succeeded in grasping it and translating it into a form that communicates that. Being on the same wavelength enabled us to quickly build the brand"

Petra Beekmans van Zijll

Head of Communications and Branding, Nexperia

"We felt part of Team Nexperia, right from the start. The core team had a great dedication and tangible drive. Thanks to the close cooperation, short lines and enthusiasm of the team, we have brought to life a great and solid brand in an effective and time efficient manner"

Kiki Sterke

Senior Strategist

Defining the brand personality was key in this project. With our proven design methodologies, we immersed ourselves in the personality of the brand Nexperia.
A great example of real teamwork: playing around with the new logo to create an impactful, recognisable brand identifier.
We defined brand colours and a look and feel that have a global consistency across all touch points.
Weekly team stand-ups to prioritise and align activities.
Translating the brand identity in designs for multiple touch points.
The brand identity should be experienced everywhere, including the office interior. We’ve created a briefing for the architect in mood boards.

The visual DNA of Nexperia

Consistency is key when you want to create a strong brand. That’s why we’ve created a visual DNA for Nexperia. It serves as a briefing for designers. For Nexperia, the DNA is an assessment tool to check if the design fits the brand. Nexperia is a daring brand. We’ve translated that into the orange colour, used in big gestures, creating attention and bold recognisability.

Teaming-up for great results

Co-creation; we don’t just talk about it, we live up to the promise. We’ve connected with Nexperia’s core team on many levels. How? By working together in creative sessions, by challenging each other and by being completely honest. That’s what is needed when you have a big job at hand. Being able to rely on each other and of course have fun together, even when the pressure is high.

An outstanding logo

The straightforward typography and the strong colours (deep reddish orange and petrol) make the logo stand out in the competitive landscape. The designed x gives more emphasis to the hidden word “expert” in the name, supporting Nexperia’s knowledge position.

A spot-on graphic identifier

The graphic identifier creates recognisability across all Nexperia touch points, from small products to large buildings. It emulates what the company represents. The hour glass you can see in the blank space of the x symbolises time. Nexperia may be a new name, but it is built on years of experience. And an hour glass contains sand, a great reference to one of the core materials chips are made of. The dot symbolizes and emphasizes the efficiency and precision of Nexperia, they are to the point.

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