Picoo - Picoo

Next-level interactive child’s play

What do you get when you mix technology with children’s love of play? Picoo! A new and exciting experience that combines outdoor play with the latest technology. We created Picoo together with Iris Soute, the brainchild behind it all, and the Eindhoven Technical University. Picoo is developing new games constantly, putting a whole new spin on playtime!

Classic playtime meets the 21st century

Interactive technology encourages children to play. Couple that with existing outdoor games like tag, and those games are instantly more attractive. With light, sound and sensors, Picoo adds a whole new dimension to play – whether indoors or out. Using the latest technology, we stimulate children to play the games of the past in a contemporary way.

Tag, you’re it!

Each Picoo is equipped with sensors and includes functions like sound, lighting and vibration. Looks quite like a small flashlight. Picoo reacts to movement and touch, and can detect when other devices are nearby. Its ergonomic and iconic shape was designed in such a way that it fits perfectly with both the playfulness of the product and its target group.

Ever closer to the goal

Picoo, the Eindhoven start-up behind these delightful interactive and digital outdoor toys, was awarded the National Sportinnovator Prize 2016. The jury especially acknowledged Picoo's wide range of activities. Soute: “We are pleased that the jury also feels that children need to move about more, and that Picoo can help with that. With this prize, we are a lot closer to reaching our goal: stimulating children to exercise more.”

See it yourself at CES!

Picoo will be shown from 9 through 12 January during this year’s CES; the consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas, USA.

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