EVBox - Level 2 concept charger

EVBox charger introduced at CES 2018

After the success of its at-home charger Elvi, EVBox decided to further expand their portfolio together with VanBerlo. A completely new level 2 concept charger will be presented at the biggest home electronics fair in the world: CES 2018.

Products you’d recognise anywhere

EVBox is creating a family of recognisable products. With Elvi, VanBerlo laid a solid foundation that included a strong design DNA. An element that fits this new level 2 charger like a glove. Refined details, recognisable and iconic elements and a simple base shape. Clearly an EVBox family member!

VanBerlo travelled to California with the EVBox to gain insights into the market
Presenting the design concepts at EVBox headquarters
We have created a foam model to test the design, size and height of the control elements.
Assembling the first prototype together with suppliers
Together with 3D Systems, VanBerlo built a concept model for the CES in Las Vegas. This model will be presented by EVBox this week
Development and extensive testing of the software and electronics to enable the UI for the CES model
The looks-like-real model has been revealed at CES 2018.

Stockpiling insights

As the United States is the target market for the level 2 EVBox charger, a group of us dove into this new market to gain insights on user needs. To get it right we flew to California, the most popular state for electric driving, and talked to many important stakeholders. Those interviews together with the EVBox design DNA helped us to create a plan for designing this new product.

’Build, measure, learn’

User centered design is important to us at VanBerlo. To really understand the user, it is important to build prototypes and simulate user situations. We took the iterative process to heart and built many different concepts to test the cable management system’s functionality, the most suitable screen height and the best-looking design.

Building a first sample

So that they could unveil the new product at the CES, EVBox asked us to create a first sample product. The sample was not just about the product housing, but had to demonstrate a modern, multi-language UI as well. VanBerlo dedicated an in-house, multi-functional team to develop and design the user interface, and from a system architecture helicopter view, set-up the electronics and develop the front- and backend software.


We managed to create a sample for introduction at CES 2018, within 7 months after starting the project.

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