Using offbeat materials to innovate in a traditional market

Kitchen interior designers are using ever more concrete in their kitchen designs. Gutmann and VanBerlo have picked up on this trend. We collaborated to create one-of-a-kind kitchen extractor hoods out of concrete.

On-trend kitchen materials

Gutmann is always looking to innovate. Because they want to maintain a constant lead in their market, they listen carefully to their clients. For 25 years, VanBerlo has worked with Gutmann to bring their innovations and ideas to market. A collaboration that has led to numerous successes and classic designs.

Flexible design capabilities

Concrete gives more design freedom than metal or glass, an aspect that not only assures an iconic image but also more added functionality. The bottom of the hood is curved (air capture), which allows the air to linger and leads to better extraction. This can be designed with glass or metal, but it’s extremely complex.

Unlocking design potential

Using concrete instead of steel allows Gutmann to build unique products and increase sales and production, whilst maintaining in-house production for the current products. The result? A unique product with an innovative look, favourable cost and optimum utilisation of the internal production capabilities. A whole new take on production and assembly.

The IPO results

Visitors at the 2015 Area30 trade show were given a preview of the Prometeo concept. A preview that went so well, orders were placed at once. This unique product, in its final form, was unveiled at the Salone del Mobile Milano in April 2016. The production version was presented at the Area30 trade show in Löhne (Germany) in September 2016.

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