Dorel Juvenile - Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro

The car seat design that adapts to growing children

Safe adventures for you and your child, no matter how fast they grow.

Developing a child car seat is no easy task. When it comes to the safety of our little ones, no step or innovation is too small. VanBerlo and Dorel partnered up to design the Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro, a car seat designed to ensure safety for children between 6 months to 10 years old. Keeping the user experience at the core of the project, we challenged the traditional design process by designing the Titan Pro in sprints, enabling our experts in engineering, fabrication and design, to tackle each aspect of the seat comprehensively.

Avoiding misuse

It is essential for technically complex products to be designed with the user in mind. With a child car seat, it’s not just the child we are designing for, but also for the parents. Together with Dorel, we designed a one-way system for installation that assured a secure fit and safe ride for the child, and ease of use for the parents.

Understanding the industry

A major challenge in designing child seats is to ensure the products look and feel execptional while still adhering to the various regulations, restraints and limitations. To make it a truly global product for Dorel, we looked into the regulations from Europe, Australia and China, and designed a product that will feel at home in numerous markets, all without comprimising on user expereince or aesthetic quality.

Integrated design

At VanBerlo, we believe in multi-disciplinary design teams. With every new project, we pool our talent and hone in on the specific skills needed to make each product successful. For Dorel, our UX designers, engineers and soft-goods designers not only worked on the technical and conceptual challenges but also added value with expertise in fabrication. Our team also mapped out various use cases to improve the product experience - strengthening the entire Maxi-Cosi service system.

Innovating with Digital

Adopting digital strategies to enhance the service offerings of Dorel was the logical next step. Using emerging technologies like augmented reality applications, we are currently considering how to best instruct people in how the seat should be installed and misuse can be avoided.

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