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Clear, recognizable product family

The new Vanish packaging raises the bar in stain removal performance with a coherent brand family. A global design identity that stands out in store boosting the Vanish brand to new heights. This new product line intuitively lets consumers know that Vanish will remove even the toughest stains.

A ground-breaking, design team solution!

By combining a stronger product formulation, a unique pack structure and a differentiating visual story Vanish product range helping consumers tackle the toughest, dried-in stains with new levels of satisfaction. The full range was developed by VanBerlo, in collaboration with RB’s in house design and technical teams.

A Visual Brand Language (VBL) was created for the Vanish brand in a collaborative workshop together with the Vanish RB team.
Sketching initial ideas, taking into account the VLB, footprint and production limitations. Focusing on a bottle concept which characteristics could be applied to the whole family.
Inspiration for the new bottle design was drawn from the highly recognisable Vanish 'V' brand mark.
Different concepts were mocked up in foam in our workshop. Getting a better feel for the shapes in 3D, transitions and overall volume.
After the foam mock ups we move to 3D CAD. Setting up the family line up as a whole and consistency in the key aspects of the bottle design.
In an iterative process of 3D printing and tweaking in 3D CAD we optimised the family feel and ergonomics.
In a collaborative process with the supplier, we tweaked the 3D CAD files to meet their production line possibilities. The first out of tools were then evaluated by the VanBerlo design team.
Basic in-house top load testing.

Strong shelf impact

The range has been developed in an integrated brand design process. The result? A clear, recognizable product family that radiates the Vanish brand values. One that distinguishes itself from the rest. Stands out on the shelf.

What a succes!

Both end users and design experts ‘get’ this modern translation of the Vanish brand language. That’s how the whole line won a prestigious iF Packaging Design Award. And now Vanish Gold PowerGel – the smallest bottle in the brand family – was crowned with two UK Packaging Awards in the categories ‘Consumer Convenience’ and ‘Rigid Plastic Pack of the Year’.

Great stain removal for your clothes

The dosing ball can not only be used to dose the right amount of gel in the washing machine, but also offers the option to pretreat fabric stains locally through a new patented dosing mechanism.

Design for intuitive use

The favourite ‘kid’ in the family? Vanish Powergel. As a pre-treat product, it might be in the smallest bottle, but it’s certainly not the least powerful formula! Vanish Powergel helps users tackle all those really nasty stains easily with its specially designed and patented dosing head and simplified process. A clear winner, commented one of the UK Packaging Award judges: ‘The packaging is so intuitive that user instructions are almost overkill!’

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