SoLayTec - ALD system

Fast, easy, efficient

SoLayTec – a TNO spinoff – and VanBerlo collaborated on a user-friendly design for the SoLayTec ALD system. An efficient system that applies a thin top layer onto solar cells, allowing more efficient conversion of light into energy.

The perfect fit for high tech

Because VanBerlo is an integrated design agency, with developers with various skill sets, we can view machine designs, component layouts and constructions from an out-of-the-box perspective. Adding the angle of user interaction.

"VanBerlo helped us achieve a user-friendly machine. They are very experienced in analysing and anticipating the interaction of the operater with the machine and we were able to capitalise on this knowledge by optimising the system user interface. Our customers also indicate they like the easy access of the system enabling fast service and repair when needed"

Huib Heezen

Managing Director, SoLayTec

"SoLayTec is very knowledgeable in the field of mechatronics and in the physics of the Atomic Layer Deposition. VanBerlo’s creativity and experience with high tech equipment helped to make the total system efficient and user-friendly"

Steef Joosten

Senior Designer, VanBerlo

The layout concept was based on speed and reliability. Various layout options were sketched out and discussed at length before the frontrunners were chosen.
Reliability won out over a more compact size. The machine is larger, but it has a structure optimized for modular production.

Collaboration gets it just right

We made a large contribution. Starting with the product architecture and mechanical design. To ensure that everything was within obvious reach, that everything could be checked and cleaned. When it came to ergonomics, the modules needed to be clearly accessible. We teamed up to turn our visions into reality: easy and quick interchangeable modules. The end result? A product with multiple modules. Resulting in scalable production capacity.

Intuitive layout and design

Flexibility is key

The machine’s modular structure allows for easy reconfiguration of the stations as needed. Even when modules are taken away for maintenance, the system is still operable.

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