RB - Durex Embrace

Designed to connect lovers

Durex Embrace is centred around the connection that lovers share. The two sensual pleasure gels provide great sensation on their own, however, when the two come together it creates an amazing reaction.

Switching up the solution

VanBerlo is the strategic design partner for Durex; the world’s leading producer of pleasure gels. VanBerlo created a subtle yet strong visual brand language for Durex. Durex asked us to make pleasure gels more approachable; they’re traditionally seen as a solution to a problem, rather than a way to increase sexual pleasure.

"From the first sketch, the team had already discovered the big idea. It was also very satisfying to see how VanBerlo ensured that the design didn’t lose any of its original magic throughout the full design process. Well done to all."

Darren Morgan

Global Design Manager Health & Sexual Wellbeing , RB

"VanBerlo created a packaging solution that conveys the original story, which sparked the creation of the product inside. This was only possible due to the close collaboration with Durex."

Noud Claassen

Creative Director, VanBerlo

We explored how shapes could interact with one another, and how the two elements could become one.
We created a high number of sketches which we later clustered into different concept routes.
To explore our ideas further we created a variety of mock-ups to aid us in experimenting with shapes and ergonomics.
Exploring a variety of ways on how to connect the two elements.
Understanding how our idea could be manufactured enabled us to retain the form of our design throughout the manufacturing process. VanBerlo worked closely together with suppliers to ensure Embrace would retain its quality during manufacture.

Intimacy of two bodies

Noud Claassen, Creative Director: "The inspiration for Embrace stemmed from the intimacy of two bodies touching and becoming one"

Giving pleasure a shape

To form and strengthen the user experience, VanBerlo designed two sensual bottles: one for him, one for her. Bottles that fit together, as if sharing a romantic embrace. The packaging design is strongly recognisable, and has a fun and easy user experience. Matching products that help couples (re)connect with each other intimately.

When two become one

In the final execution of the product you can still find the original design intent: a unique shape on its own, and still in harmony when connected to each other.

Intriguing results

VanBerlo and Durex went all out on this one, and benefited from their efforts! The Durex Embrace pleasure gel has enjoyed a huge success since its introduction. The packaging design is strongly recognisable, and has a fun and easy user experience. Matching products that help couples (re)connect with each other intimately.

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