Worldline - YOMANI

Designing payment security

Worldline and VanBerlo collaborated on the design and development of YOMANI, a complex injection moulded payment terminal. The secure payment terminal of Europe. We combined the 3 different ways of paying – by magnetic strip, chip, contactless – in a logical and seamless manner, and gave the YOMANI a tamper resistant design.

Trustworthy team

Worldline and VanBerlo have a long history of collaboration. Together we know better than anyone how to bring a secure and tamper resistant design, that’s still attractive and sympathetic, into the market.

"We’ve been working with VanBerlo for a number of years now, and we’re still very pleased with the results. A dedicated and trustworthy Worldline and VanBerlo team work side by side to hammer out the best and most reliable payment solutions"

Jan Nieuwborg

Head of Service Product development, Worldline

"Working with Worldine means virtually no limitations. We have the freedom to experiment with the technical set up and production techniques by means of various prototypes. We work out the possible solutions together. That’s why we get the best results"

Roelof van Driel

Design & Development Director, VanBerlo

Shaping and safety were key components for this device. The tamper resistant design increased the manufacturing challenge… but we still made it work.
Each round of prototypes was subjected to our rigorous technical evaluation, repeated until we found just the right solution.
We asked potential users to test the various prototypes. This gave us crystal clear insight into the user experience.

Protected from all sides

The YOMANI design suggests that your privacy as a user is closely guarded. The product is almost like a safe, as if its walls close up around your hands to guard your PIN from potential onlookers as you enter it.

The secure way to pay

The key element surrounding the YOMANI design was ‘user-friendliness’. Cardholders would be guided through the process every step of the way, thanks to a clear full-colour display. The terminal’s rounded shape and sunken key pad would protect the user’s PIN entry. Card readers would be close together without seeming cramped. Done and done!

Oh, the possibilities!

We prepared YOMANI for all kinds of payments: old-school (swiping) and current standards (chip). We also thought ahead about add-ons like the integrated printer and contactless payment (NFC).

Safe with us!

VanBerlo understands and is totally up to date with the latest security market trends. We’re proud of the clean lines and intricate engineering efforts that went into YOMANI’s intuitive design and production, but we also know how to keep things under wraps. So, in the interest of our client’s welfare, we’re keeping the details about YOMANI to ourselves. YOMANI’s secrets are safe with us!

From test driving to the big win

When we finished the prototypes, the YOMANI was thoroughly field-tested. The result? This terminal was totally appealing to a larger public. Both within and outside the company’s northwest European home market. To top that off, the YOMANI won a Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2010.

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