Atus - SmartBadge

Hands-free technology for a safer workday

Atus hit a homerun with the SmartBadge; a thin, lightweight personal alarm badge with a sophisticated e-paper display. Together with a smart phone app, this badge allows public sector personnel to communicate quickly and efficiently in the event of an emergency, where every second counts.

We love a challenge

Atus BV has a dynamic history in the pager market, and was once part of Bosch. VanBerlo helped Atus design and produce a unique, practical emergency solution for public sector personnel. To help them make a difference, professionally and to those they assist.

"We were looking for a design company, that could help us take our critical communications and personal security products to a new level. Our customers want our products to be wearable, easily accessible and robust enough to meet their tough professional work conditions. VanBerlo made the broad spectrum of skills in their design team available to us to develop our SmartBadge product and meet our customers’ requirements. The high level of interaction between our development teams strongly contributed to the success of this project"

Maurice Magdelijns

Chief Operating Officer, Atus

"Together we designed the SmartBadge, a system that integrates a personal alarm with existing call-in emergency systems. It can display texts and allow the wearer to place emergency calls.’"

Eric van Dorst

CTO, VanBerlo

We compiled user insights, technical strategic advice and sparred with Atus. E-paper and Bluetooth turned out to be the best solutions for the system engineering.
The product design had to be as compact and straightforward as possible. A simple base with a cap, minimising the parting line to avoid picking.
The interface design had to be clear. That was the main concern. With enough room to display a short, well-defined text message.
This is a hassle free, fail safe interface. We tested and retested the app until we got it just right.
SmartBadge’s app can integrate seamlessly with existing systems to deliver efficient and effective communications.

Small, thin, easy to use

The SmartBadge with its e-paper display can be used in combination with various systems: nursing emergency, fire department and building security systems, for example. The robust smart phone app communicates effortlessly with the SmartBadge to let the user send and receive emergency messages.

Easy, attachable security

Product design, engineering, connectivity and user experience all come together in one compact and easy to use badge. We chose for a simple base and cap to minimise the separation line and avoid plucking. A thin, sturdy clip is secured to the back of the badge, making it easy to attach to clothing.

In this line of work, charging can be a matter of life and death

Charging the SmartBadge is a snap! Just place it in its stylish charger and the SmartBadge charges via induction within around 1.5 hours.

Clever engineering, energy efficient

The SmartBadge runs on a tiny battery, thanks in large part to the e-paper and clever engineering. This badge uses Bluetooth to communicate with the app, and is massively energy efficient.

Current status

Currently, we are running pilot tests with the end users to get the complete system perfect.

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