NayaMed - eCommerce platform

Changing the face of cardiac solutions

Flipping the traditional business model by providing an innovative online healthcare solution. VanBerlo has designed a radically simple online service where health professionals get direct access to fit-for-purpose pacemakers and implantable defibrillators as well as technical support.

Rave reviews

VanBerlo’s specific expertise of branding and digital design in the medical branch, combined with the in depth product and market related knowledge of NayaMed’s professionals, has enabled us to create yet another sursprising and spot-on user experience in the medical branche.

"The team at Van Berlo was very responsive to the needs of NayaMed and our customers [...] Their designs have received rave reviews from both internal and external stakeholders."

Steve Forrer

Program manager, NayaMed

"We were able to join forces and become the full design partner for both the marketing and online design activities. Through the direct and open communication with the NayaMed team we were able to combine their knowledge with our expertise."

Han Toebast

Design Strategist

Deep diving into the target audience and their workflow.
Translating insights into a user-friendly interface.

Designed with the patient in mind

With the eCommerce platform cardiologists, nurses and purchasers are able to order all NayaMed products and accessories online simply and efficiently. A sophisticated filtering mechanism and automatic stockroom management system support the hospitals primary processes.

Trust or dare?

Through conversations with various stakeholders we found out that NayaMed was suffering from the ‘Chasm’. They were able to get the innovators in as clients, but did not succeed in incorporating the larger majority. Sure they stood out, but they were not able to sufficiently communicate their relevance. So we changed the focus of their message. Instead of sending a differentiating market focus we chose the strategy of building trust about the quality of their brand, products and services.

The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion

The ‘Have you heard’ campaign enables the sales force of NayaMed to have a new type of conversation with their target audience. We now use fact-based messaging. By showing evidence of Swiss quality devices, NayaMed became much less vulnerable to rumours in the market and grabbed the opportunity to counter the strong competition. This campaign has been used in various printed, online and experience focused marketing touch points throughout Europe.

Mind blowing facts

Using the NayaMed products and services ensures an excellent experience. This big poster fills a wall in one of NayaMed’s Centres of Excellence in Italy, and shows potential clients the added value of this innovative healthcare company. The sheer amount of positive facts help to proof the success story of NayaMed’s clients.

Quality stamp

NayaMed’s quality became ultra visible through the creation of the Swiss quality cardiac devices logo. Switzerland is well known for their precision with clockworks, like watches. And we used this feature to highlight that these medical devices are produced in Switzerland, and leverage the quality messaging.

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