ATAG - Magna line

Kitchen appliances that reflect your life

Together VanBerlo and ATAG developed sophisticated, easy to use kitchen appliances: the ATAG MAGNA line. With some of the most advanced built-in kitchen appliances to date, this design has truly changed the face of ATAG and your kitchen.

From user insights to product line

We know how important your kitchen is. It’s not just a room, it’s an experience. That’s why we teamed up with ATAG and bridged human needs with a sophisticated design to ensure quality results.

"For the last 15 years VanBerlo has been ATAG’s design and strategy partner. They have gone with us from idea to initiation to development of the product line. Through it all, they manage to maintain a consistent story, strategy and positioning. A total concept from A to Z"

Vincent Hofstee

Senior Product Manager, Atag

"We’ve supported ATAG in their shift from architectural design to focussing more on the kitchen experience. Combining our knowledge with that of ATAG in a unique and intensive cooperation, VanBerlo has ensured product design quality, adding a mix of sophistication and real usability through user insights"

Maarten Woensdregt


Together with our client, we came up with a concept and communication strategy for this product line that was consistent with ATAG in every way.
Before we got started on the design, we had to consider technical requirements from current and future product platforms. The product roadmap was important input, to get a real idea about possibilities and limitations.
To create a pleasant user experience, you need to address all senses. This includes designing the right sound for feedback when pressing a button and alerting you’re meal is ready.

Cohesive product line

Both concept and design communication strategy for this product line linked to the ATAG ethos. In developing a solid concept and sound strategy ATAG, a relatively small player, could then compete with bigger kitchen appliance brands. All this was achieved whilst still keeping with the ATAG identity.

Modern and iconic coming together

In fusing the latest kitchen brands and ATAG’s brand identity, we created the new MAGNA line. We used methods, like our user-centered design method, to provide us with a wider perspective on the relationship between the user and the product.

User insights drive improved UX

The user experience was key in this project. We tested and retested the user experience with ATAG ovens and extractors. This allowed us to form a balance between usability and technology.

Raising the bar in kitchen design

The Magna line designs resulted in products that were just as detailed as their drawings. With high-quality materials and solid implementation, the products reach the market’s upper segment.

Market success

Vincent Hofstee: "We believe that [this new line] can be a great success, both by positioning our brand higher with this credible line and by achieving good sales in this upmarket segment. Decision makers in the kitchen appliance industry are enthusiastic, going so far as to state that these appliances position ATAG between Siemens and Miele. Just as we planned. Actually, all customers are enthusiastic; that includes consumers, who can’t wait until the new ATAG line is installed."

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