ResQtec - Cutter

Saving lives by design

ResQtec can be a true life-saver! How’s that? This particular company sells specially designed rescue equipment. Equipment that helps to safely remove victims from tricky, entrapped situations. Like car crashes, for example.

Getting hold of a new design

RESQTEC came to VanBerlo when they wanted to design a new series of rescue equipment. And then get the word out about it. This design task came down to two main demands. First, create RESQTEC products with the best actual performance in the market. Second, put together a strong brand design that would make RESQTEC’s presence known.

Unusual innovation for a top-notch product

VanBerlo didn’t disappoint. We came up with innovative product ideas. Ideas that put product specifications second and zeroed in on real life user experience. We put together an unusual branding strategy that highlighted our innovative ideas. This led to the creation of a completely new brand identity. An identity that clearly brought out the inventive properties of ResQtec equipment. Once completed, a new line of life saving tools were ready to take the market by storm. Easy to use, performance-focused tools.

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