Nea International bv - Push Braces

A true customer-focused experience

The brand strategy we created with Push Braces and executed together with them, ensures an ultimate user experience. Through various touch points we continue to strengthen their brand promise: ‘Push for freedom’. By also supporting their product development we have been able to support the optimisation of their marketing and their product roadmaps. The intuitive new packaging we designed plays a crucial, yet active role in patient interaction.

With the patient at heart

VanBerlo and Nea International bv have become steadfast partners over the years. Starting with brand strategy, followed by product and brand identity design. We ultimately realised a unique award-winning packaging and retail experience that unites product and user experience.

"Patients are increasingly selecting and paying for their own medical devices. Together with Wesly Printing & Packaging, VanBerlo succeeds in reaching the patient on a consumer level with this new packaging line that mirrors the physical product."

Rob Müller

Managing Director, Nea International bv

"By keeping a constant focus on the users and their customer journey we came up with the best fitting products, great packaging and an inspiring retail experience. We were also able to pencil in some more interesting Push-branded interaction moments between dealer and patient. With these touch points Push became more of a selling partner than a manufacturer of braces."

Han Toebast

Design Strategist, VanBerlo

We started by clarifying the brand values and proposition. The Dresscode is one of the models we have developed at VanBerlo as a tool to facilitate and structure the branding discussion, and make all the ideas visible in a way every stakeholder can understand.
The strength of your bond with the consumer – before, during and especially after the purchase of your product – determines the success.
The concept for the packaging was determined by producing and sketching out various models and ideas during multiple client sessions.
A variety of models were used to discover a packaging that would capture the essence of the products.
One of the roles of the packaging is to educate the consumer on the added value of the product. By creating a nice balance between product photography and description of benefits, we have been able to optimize the marketing effect of the packaging.
Through intense teamwork between the packaging supplier and us, we also created an inspiring unpack experience.

A consistent portfolio

As a result of various work sessions and form experiments, we have been able to create a design that brings together DNA, brand promise, unpack experience and colour coding in a consistent portfolio.

Push for freedom

Break free from joint pain! This core principle of the Push brand can now be experienced by opening the packaging of the braces. You literally push them out of their package – free the braces and they free you. A design that embodies ‘Push for freedom and get your active life back!’

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